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Lilla Gruppen

In the Little Group ‘Lilla Gruppen’ we welcome all children from 0-4, and their parents, to join in the singing and playing. We focus on the 2-4 year olds who are busy developing their language skills and making very first friendships.

Each session is a mixture of songs, silly games, crafts and storytime. Because the children are so young, each element is kept short with lots of variety and active participation, but there are also times for quiet and calm. The sessions are meant to be fun and if a child doesn’t want to join in a particular game or activity, then of course that is fine.

There are recurring themes each term, such as: animals, colours and shapes, vehicles, seasons and so on as young children learn by repetition.

The activities are as tactile as possible involving cutting, sticking, gluing, drawing, hiding, jumping, counting, sorting, throwing, colouring, tracing and lots of other fun things. We have created our own rainbows, pens for our farm animals, leaf prints and Easter bunnies. When we’re outside we play games such as ‘Stopp – Ga!’ och ‘Kom all mina sma kycklingar’.

We always start our session with singing and we also repeat the same songs each time to give all children the opportunity to learn them and join in the singing: Ekorrn satt i granen, blinka lilla stjarna, ba ba vita lamm osv.

The Little Group works best with active parent participation, and we encourage everyone to get involved at some point. That can range from leading a whole or part of a session, or read a book, or perhaps come up with and lead craft or a game – whatever you feel comfortable doing.


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Location: Svenska Skolan Cambridge


School Hours: Every second week 10.00 - 12.00.  Please see the class calendar for further details.