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The School

The School usually meets every second Sunday during term time in an easily accessible location in Cambridge.  We are currently using the facilities at St Faiths School, Cambridge.

We welcome all children from the age of two and older where at least one of the child’s parents is a Swedish citizen and the child speaks Swedish at home daily.

Children who speak Swedish but whose parents do not have Swedish citizenship are welcome, subject to there being space available.

Swedish School Cambridge Ltd is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 09907901


The students are put into classes according to their age and ability.

The parents remain with our youngest students as they sing, play and do crafts.

The middle group have their lessons outside exploring the grounds and playing.

The oldest students study in a more formal school environment. Read, write, count, explore Swedish culture and geography and history. The children also receive homework to complete between lessons.

Lilla Gruppen

0 – 4 år


4 – 6 år


från 6 år


To provide fun learning environment which supports children with their Swedish language skills outside of the home environment, the opportunity to learn with a group of their peers and teaches them about Swedish culture

A Word

From Our Principal

It is important for children to have a place to use and have fun with Swedish.

– Johan Raubal

Our Upcoming Events



Start of 2021/22 School Year



Event Info

We welcome the children back to school for the new school year. Sadly this is still online in accordance with government guidance.

The AGM will also take place online.





Come and celebrate Lucia with us


Event Info

Enjoy glögg and pepparkakor, take part in our first ever virtual Lucia procession.  There will be quizzes and games and fun for all the family.




Lessons followed by a dance around the Christmas Tree singing about little frogs!

Event Info

Shortened lesson time followed by singing around the Christmas Tree as it is packed away until next time




Enjoy the bonfire, sausages and games to celebrate Valborg

Event Info

Gather around the bonfire and cook sausages on sticks in the fire.  Take part in games and a treasure hunt



School Trip

Our annual school trip!  Where will it be this year?

Event Info

All the families of the school join together for a trip to a local attraction for the day





Picnic, games and dancing around the midsummer pole

Event Info

Bring a picnic and something to share, play games and dance around the pole to celebrate midsummer

Our School

The school is a not for profit organisation so we rely on parents to volunteer to ensure  the school runs smoothly.

Our teachers are native Swedish speakers and their children attend our classes as well.  All our teachers are DBS checked.

We are always excited to welcome new families! 



School Year 2021/22

We are happy to be able to meet again in person. We are continuing with a hybrid approach to lessons particularly for the older children. Contact us for more information.

New School Year

The older children are continuing to meet online with their teacher. The school is monitoring government guidance and will be returning to the classroom when appropriate so keep checking back for further updates.


Years Established



Fun, learning & friendship

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Location: Svenska Skolan Cambridge


School Hours: Sundays 10.00 - 12.00