Welcome to the Swedish ‘Weekend’ School in Cambridge

The Swedish School in Cambridge was formed in 1993. We are located in Cambridge, a location with good facilities and easily accessible.   We normally meet every other Sunday between 10-12 in the morning.

We welcome any children from age 2 and up with the only requirement that at least one of the child’s parents is a Swedish citizen.
In the case of Swedish speaking families without Swedish citizenship, these are also very welcome, but we can only accommodate if we have spaces available.

If you wish to join, you can become a member by registering on this site and contact the team to pay the annual membership fee.

The main objective of the school is to help the children improve their Swedish language skills and to give an insight to Swedish society and culture. The classes should be seen as a complementary support for the children’s Swedish.

The school consists of a pre-school group and a school group.  In the pre-school group the children sing, play and do crafts together with their parents and teacher. We also have activities where we go out and explore nature and play with the aim of putting the Swedish language in a relevant context.  These sessions are very much appreciated by the children.

From age 6 and up, the children can start  in the school group, which is a more formal education setting. In these groups where we read, write and count in Swedish, as well as study Swedish culture, geography and history. The children are also given some assignments to take home and work on between sessions to help with continuity.

We ask all parents to get involved in the school, helping with administrative and planning or preparing the fruit snack the children have on the day as well as to help out with exploring in nature or in the classroom.

20f1b8656db62c351877c4502c17ff42_f14Every year we celebrate Easter, Midsummer and Lucia. In January we arrange a Christmas party for the children. We also aim to go on a school trip every May.

The school association meets twice every term to plan the on-going activities. Everyone is welcome to these meetings.


We need help and commitment from all the parents to succeed.

We want to welcome all that want to be part of it and hope you will enjoy the Swedish School Cambridge.