Welcome to the Swedish ‘Weekend’ School in Cambridge

The Swedish School in Cambridge was established in 1993. We normally meet fortnightly on Sundays from 10 a.m.-12p.m. (noon) in an easily accessible location. Currently we are at St Faith’s School.

The main objective of the school is to help the children improve their Swedish language skills and give a better insight into Swedish society and culture. The classes should be seen as a complementary support for the children’s Swedish. We welcome all children from age two and above with the requirement that at least one of the child’s parents is a Swedish citizen and that Swedish is a language used in the home environment i.e. the child is using Swedish on a daily basis. Children below the age of two and Swedish speaking children without parents with Swedish citizenship are also welcome, but we can only admit these children as far as space allows.

The school consists of “the Younger group” (pre-school group, age 0-4), “the Mulle group” (outdoors group, age 4-6) and “the Older group” (school group, from age 6).  In the Younger group the children sing, play and do crafts together with their parents and leader. The activities in the Mulle group focus on exploring nature and playing with the aim of putting the Swedish language in a relevant context. From age 6 and up, the children can start in the Older group, which is a more formal educational setting. In this group we read, write and count in Swedish, as well as exploring Swedish culture, geography and history. The children are also given some assignments to take home and work on between sessions to help with continuity.

All activity is not-for-profit and is run by committed parents who contribute in different ways in order to keep the school running. In the Younger group parents are, for example, taking turns running the class. We are grateful if parents get involved since there would not be a Swedish School here in Cambridge otherwise. We appreciate help with administration and planning, as well as helping out with exploring nature or in the classroom.

If you wish to join us, you can contact us to arrange a taster session. If you then decide to join us you can become a member by registering on this website and paying the annual membership fee.

We hope you will enjoy the Swedish School Cambridge.